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Last night’s “disaster” for the Democrats should have been easy to predict without any polling at all.

A simple look at the Alexa numbers tells the story:

Scott Brown: 72,289
Martha Coakley: 255,865

The difference? About 100,000 votes.

Now let’s look at social media.

Twitter >> 

@ScottBrownMA 16187 followers, 728 lists, 732 tweets

@MarthaCoakley 4347 followers, 355 lists, 599 tweets

Facebook >>

Brown 128,950 fans

Coakley 18,588 fans

And when I look at the online ecosystem, it’s dominated by Brown:


So is online engagement everything? 

Maybe not, but this has to be a wake up call for the snoozing Dems.

The Republicans have learned their lesson after Obama, and won’t cede the online space again.